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Collection highlights

In our latest collection - The Neutral Accents, we want to embrace the raw textures of natural materials & their beautiful neutral color variations in our products. We also want to create products that not only serve as a piece of decoration but also save space and add functions.

The Neutral Accents includes our latest design in the following categories:

  • Home storage & trays
  • Planters
  • Mirrors
  • Lightings
  • Pets
  • Furniture

With our latest innovation in production, we aim to produce great quality products that are cost-effective.

Key features:

  • Neutral colours: Woven in natural materials, our products offer neutral colour variations - fit into any corners and bring comfort for your customers
  • Original: Cleverly designed & developed by our R&D team that make use of trend research, manufacturing knowledge and customer feedback.
  • Cost-effective: With innovative designs, we can shorten production time and give you competitive prices, and also help you greatly reduce shipping costs.

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