Back to basics - 2021 collection

Storage baskets collection

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We are excited to announce our latest innovation for home decor and organization, featuring storage baskets & planters/pots design such as:

  • Seagrass storage baskets and planters
  • Coiled Seagrass baskets and planters
  • Water hyacinth storage baskets

We choose earthy, natural materials such as seagrass and water hyacinth to combine with sturdy metal frames to create new sustainable storage baskets and planters designs that are functional as well as durable!

With our latest innovation in production, we aim to produce great quality products that are cost-effective.

Key features:

  • Sustainable: Non-toxic and biodegradable for long-term use
  • Durable: Durable materials and well-constructed baskets offer a high level of sturdiness; ideal for storing weighty items.
  • Functional: Multi-functional items that fit any corner of the house.
  • Cost-effective: New production technology offers outstanding products at good price as well as significantly shortened lead time.

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